Posted in April 2012

Japan Day 29

Today I woke up late not sleeping much because of how excited I was. I went outside to see if Taijii was up but he was sleep in his room (I found out later, I thought he went out). Eating lunch, I waited for Taijii while chatting with my friends, reading and studying. Updating my … Continue reading

Japan Day 28

Today I woke up a little early, and then went to sleep again as I stayed up watching Thor and Ironman and trying to find Japanese subtitles so my friends could watch it with me next time. When I did get up, I ate my breakfast, then went into the shopping district to buy dinner … Continue reading

Japan Day 27

Today I woke up pretty late after staying up pretty late last night trying to talk to Caleb over Skype. After having a very unsuccessful time doing so, we decided to give up. Getting up, I decided since the weather was good I would go out and walk around. Grabbing my stuff, and went outside … Continue reading

Japan Day 26

Waking up late today, I got on my computer and found a friend online. I chatted with them for a little while, eating lunch while I did, before doing my homework, took out the trash and then going to Archery Training. At Archery training, I tried my best to perfect my form, with many corrections … Continue reading

Japan Day 25

Today I woke up early because I couldn’t sleep. Waiting for the clock to reach the alarm time, I finally got up and ate breakfast. Going down stairs, I bought a drink before heading to class. Entering class, I wrote down my notes about Musicology in Japan, which today was about the University where you … Continue reading

Japan Day 24

Not that much happened today, still not feeling well, and still aching from yesterday, I slept in, then did my emails and communications before going to the department store to buy supplies. While at the department store, I bumped into Taijii and we did a little shopping together before going home. When we got home, … Continue reading

Japan Day 23

Today, I woke up late as I found out yesterday that Taijii had to change his plans. Because of a change in contract with his part-time work, he had part-time work today, and as such we couldn’t go to Hachioji. Feeling a little ill still, I slept in till Lunch time. It was at this … Continue reading

Japan Day 22

Today I woke up after not much sleep to a fire alarm going off. After getting my mobile and walking out, the alarm turned off, so I grabbed breakfast, ate it and packed for school, going early as there was too little time to go back to sleep. Going to school with a mask, I … Continue reading

Japan Day 20-21

I didn’t do much on these days so I will keep it to one post. I woke up on the first day feeling pretty crappy. With illness having hit me pretty hard, I ate breakfast, went to the convenience store and bought a mask to protect everyone, dinner and break fast for the day after … Continue reading

Japan Day 19

Today I woke up late feeling a little ill. I was feeling a little ill yesterday but today I really felt I was coming down with something. Taking the general advice of resting and drinking lots of fluids, I drank my drinks, ate my breakfast and stayed in bed. After getting bored with that, I … Continue reading