Posted in May 2012

Japan Day 60

Today I woke up a little later than I normally would for Thursday as I didn’t have the first class (Music Making in Japan) for another 2 weeks because my teacher was attending a conference. As such, I tried to sleep in but woke up early anyway and ate breakfast, wrote emails and went to … Continue reading

Japan Day 59

Having slept very late at 7am because I was reading Manga most of the night, I took a nap, and discovered I slept away most of the day waking up at an embarrassing 5.30pm in the afternoon. After depressing myself a little, I went on my computer and found my friend playing games. After playing a little, I went out and … Continue reading

Japan Day 58

Today I woke up early to go to Akihabara. After trying to wake up Taijii and getting no response, I sent him an email asking if he was already up. After checking on my things and waiting a little while after watching Top Gear, I knocked on his door again waking him up. I started … Continue reading

Japan Day 57

I woke up today early because my room mate’s alarm woke me up, and as he was a heavy sleeper he didn’t wake u for 2 hours constantly listen to the alarm snooze. Giving up on sleep, I ate the sandwich I bought and read some manga before heading off to school. At school, I … Continue reading

Japan Day 56

Having slept very late last night, I woke up very late today. Checking on the Manga download which was not done yesterday, it froze during the night so I had to restart it again. After answering some emails and write a few more, I read and watch some Top Gear before heading towards the train … Continue reading

Japan Day 55

Today I woke up and set my tablet to download more Manga. I then got a confusing letter in the mail, which my room mates couldn’t explain, so I decided to wait and give it to the International House on Monday. Checking up on when Men in Black 3 would be showing, I asked Amanda … Continue reading

Japan Day 54

Today I woke up late because I could, and spent most of my day doing researching into new tech products I shouldn’t research because I will want to buy it. After my stomach complained enough, I went to the convenience store and bought dinner and breakfast for tomorrow, before getting home and eating my lunch. … Continue reading

Japan Day 53

Today I woke up early for class, eating breakfast quickly, I went through the normal route I took to school. In class, I handed in my homework and did my notes while getting frustrated with my tablet which decided to go all slow and buggy. After the teacher discussed the report we had to do … Continue reading

Japan Day 52

Waking up late today as I felt a little ill, I got up finally, and after a few emails to my friend Taijii, he recommended that my planned trip to Akihabara should be changed to another day. Deciding I wanted to go with him instead of alone, I ate lunch, started to do some reading … Continue reading

Japan Day 51

I guess me feeling a little sick yesterday and being super tired took its toll on my body, because when I had the feeling of waking up early, it was in fact 12.30pm. Alarming me, I got up, and was disappointed to see I had no time to go to Tokyo and do anything productive … Continue reading