Posted in June 2012

Japan Day 89 – 90

Yesterday I got up a little later than usual as I had no classes. After eating a light breakfast, I did some reading, before I chatted with my friends in the afternoon. After bidding my friends farewell, I did some homework. When the evening came, I finished up my homework, before going to the convenience store to … Continue reading

Japan Day 88

Today I woke up early as I had class. After eating breakfast and checking my email, I walked to class, reading about the Google convention what was on today. Today they were introducing the new tablet that everyone knew they were going to show but also showed Jelly Bean, the new operating system made by … Continue reading

Japan Day 87 and I am Extending!

Today I woke up later than normal as I wanted to get a good night sleep. After sleeping in, I headed out to the convenience store to stretch my legs, bought some breakfast for tomorrow and went home. At home, I microwaved lunch, and ate it, watching some episodes of the Body of Truth, before … Continue reading

Japan Day 86

Today I woke up early as I was excited about going to Akihabara. Waiting till a more appropriate later morning time, I went to check of Taijii which apparently had just began sleeping in his room. Deciding that I should let him sleep otherwise he will be tired, I wait for him to get up … Continue reading

Japan Day 85

Today I woke up early as I was required to for class. Yesterday, I had to delete some Manga of my tablet, as it was taking too much room, and I tried to replace it with lower quality versions. When I set it to download yesterday while I slept, it didn’t download much, so I … Continue reading

Japan Day 84

Today I woke up early even though I didn’t, and ate breakfast. After eating I did homework till late in the afternoon and then played a little Mahjong before going out to the convenience store. At the convenience store I bought some food for Monday and walked home. When I got home I had an … Continue reading

Japan Day 83

Today I woke up early ready to go out today to Akihabara with Taijii. I asked him if we should go together on Thursday and he agreed, so I was super excited. To pass the time, I read Manga and watch more video reviews, till the late morning, when I saw Taijii asking him when … Continue reading

Japan Day 82

Waking up early today as I went to sleep early, I got up and had breakfast, before watching more review videos before just before 11 am where I planned to go to the University to clear up some things. As it was raining outside, I didn’t want to go earlier. During my review video watching, … Continue reading

Japan Day 81

Today I woke up early because I had class. After eating breakfast, I went straight to class and took notes, before completing the next class. After class was over, I went to the Train Station Shopping district, bought food supplies and lunch which was Takoyaki and then headed straight home. Eating lunch when I got … Continue reading

Japan Day 80

Today I woke up early even though I could sleep in after having a nice night with Sian Long. After finally getting himself a Microphone and configuring, as well as myself changing a few settings, I was able to get the Xfire chat working and we chatted while playing games till 2 am at night, … Continue reading