Posted in July 2012

Japan Day 119

Today I have a very lazy day. I woke up early, because I went to sleep early and because it was hot. After reading to see if I could fix my phone’s buggy software and downloading the new update which didn’t fix anything, I went in the early morning to buy some food so I … Continue reading

Japan Day 118

Today I woke up early because my brain decided it was time to wake up, even though I didn’t have an early morning class. After trying to get back to sleep and failing, I gave up and read up on my phone software, hoping to fix the annoying errors that now exists on my phone, … Continue reading

Japan Day 117

Today I woke up early because it was hot. I had not gotten a lot of sleep, and after turning the air conditioner on and waiting for my room to cool, I was going to go back to sleep, but I ended up reading about the new beta build for Jelly Bean available for my … Continue reading

Japan Day 116

I woke up today feeling the heat of the morning. I cooked breakfast and ate it before I turned on the air conditioner and tried to get to sleep but a friend came online on chat so we started chatting and that went for a few hours. While chatting, I checked up on a few … Continue reading

Japan Day 115

I woke up late today because unlike what I planned, I stayed up most of the night playing video games with my friends as they showed me a new way to play an old game. After getting up, I ate breakfast, and then started to read more of my book, which I had to do … Continue reading

Japan Day 114

Today I woke up early having not slept much the  night before. Due to an accident, I had wiped my phone’s memory so I was restoring my old programs, and trying to find a way to recover my photos. After giving up on that, I set it to download and hoped that I could recover … Continue reading

Japan Day 113

Today I woke up late, after trying to sleep all night, twisting and turning, I woke up very late. Because of that, I decided to scrap my plans for going to Akihabara and had breakfast and then headed to the department store next to Minimi-Osawa Train Station. When I was there, I walked around for … Continue reading

Japan Day 112

Today I was going to go to Akihabara if the weather was nice, but it was a little too hot for my tastes, so I decided not to go. After eating breakfast, I updated my phone to the latest version of its software before reading a little. After reading, I went out, where I met … Continue reading

Japan Day 111

Today I woke up early because I had a test for first period. After eating breakfast, I walked to school early so I wouldn’t feel so panicky. Once I got in, I went to the toilet and came back in time to get my test paper and do my best to write 4 essays in … Continue reading

Japan Day 110

Today I woke up late as I had a late night reading. When I woke up, I started working on my homework for a class before continuing on my exam preparation. After getting bored with that, I watched an episode of the Nanny before eating a nice later lunch. I then helped Taijii buy some … Continue reading