Japan Day 109

Today I woke up early but decided to sleep in a little as for some reason I was still pretty tired. After getting up, I ate breakfast and started re-writing my notes for the Japanese Language Class test I have on Monday. As it is an open book essays type, I have no idea how to study for it, especially as I have to do 4 essays in 1 and half hours, which is not a very long period of time to do a lot of essays.

After eating lunch in the middle of it, I chatted a little and watch an episode of the Nanny before going back to study. I was then phone called by Taijii which wanted me to buy some cooling pads for his feet as he twisted his ankle. After getting a picture of the product he wanted, I went to the convenience store and bought the pads, as well as some food and dinner and then walked home, handing them to Taijii. I then watched more episodes of the Nanny before writing this post.

I plan to go take a shower after this post, and then maybe play some games with my friends as well as chat before going to bed.


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