Japan Day 111

Today I woke up early because I had a test for first period. After eating breakfast, I walked to school early so I wouldn’t feel so panicky. Once I got in, I went to the toilet and came back in time to get my test paper and do my best to write 4 essays in 90 minutes. I have to admit, this was hell. I do not know if it was due to my lack of writing over the past few months, or because we had a limited time to write so much, but my hand writing was a mess and I swear I just wrote down what my notes told me. For you information this was an open book test, so we could bring our notes to class, so there was no cheating involved!

After the test was over, I went home and was going to take a nap, but one of my friends was a little depressed so I chatted with him to cheer them up. After I left for class early to go to the international center to check on a letter I got, I was happy to see that the new trailer for the reboot of the Superman movie was coming up as I was looking forward to seeing the newer darker Superman. I do hope that it is made well. I then had two classes, which were difficult to go through after I was a little tired.

After class, I went to the cafeteria and ate curry before going home. When at the dormitory, I grabbed a quick cold shower before going back to my room, reading up on things I missed while studying and checking to see when the Dark Knight Rises’s movie will be out in Japan (this Saturday). After sending a few emails, I started writing this post.

After this, I plan to play some games with my friends online before heading to bed. I may or may not go to Akihabara tomorrow, depending on weather and temperature.


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