Japan Day 113

Today I woke up late, after trying to sleep all night, twisting and turning, I woke up very late. Because of that, I decided to scrap my plans for going to Akihabara and had breakfast and then headed to the department store next to Minimi-Osawa Train Station. When I was there, I walked around for a bit, looking for a gift for a friend. After 1 hour of finding not much, I decided to buy something soft and plush, as I found I usually can not go wrong with that when gifting girls something soft and plush.

After buying the gift, I got some washing powder and lunch, before I headed home to the dormitory. Once I got home, I ate lunch, and then took a very early cold shower before I got back to my room. I started to read a little before writing this post early. Tonight, depending on whether or not I get called for plans, I plan to stay in and have a quiet dinner, reading, chatting and possibly watching something before bed.


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