Japan Day 114

Today I woke up early having not slept much the  night before. Due to an accident, I had wiped my phone’s memory so I was restoring my old programs, and trying to find a way to recover my photos. After giving up on that, I set it to download and hoped that I could recover as much as possible. Meanwhile, on my tablet, I had downloaded an Alpha build of a Jelly Bean rom for it, as I was reading amazing reviews on its stability on the website. After installing it, I was amazed by the smoothness and speed of the rom, making me wonder what google did to make it work so well. I was also curious how the system would work if it was built for the OS, like one of the newer tablets or phones. All I know is I can not wait for it to come out on my phone. My phone has never been sluggish, but if this can make it faster, I very much look forward to it. I also love the appearance.

After eating breakfast, I headed to class, taking my birthday present for my friend with me. After arriving in class sweaty from the walk, I wrote down my notes and noted my friend was not there. I sent her a message and was on my way home when I passed the convenience store. There I met up with Amanda, showed of my new tablet’s OS and talked a bit, before we went home, and she went to her room, to wait for someone to message her. I went back to my room after buying a nice drink and spent the day there, enjoying the air conditioning, recovering my phone more and reading up. After I was too tired to even sit, I went to bed, waking up 3 hours later. I went to the convenience store to buy dinner and did so half dead, wondering how I would ever get back up the hill. Somehow doing so, I ate dinner at home and then went directly to the bath while I had the energy.

After a nice cold shower, I went to my room, enjoying the cool air and started this post. I plan to play portal and maybe chat with friends before taking an early night.


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