Japan Day 115

I woke up late today because unlike what I planned, I stayed up most of the night playing video games with my friends as they showed me a new way to play an old game. After getting up, I ate breakfast, and then started to read more of my book, which I had to do for my assignment.

After eating a small lunch, I sent some messages, read some emails, read some reviews which were very interesting about the new Windows 8 and then proceeded to read some more before dinner time. As I was not hungry, I went to the convenience store, bought food and drink, walked back home, and ate nothing, instead taking a nice cold shower, before grabbing my old clothes and putting it in the washing machine.

My plan after this post, is to either play with my friends on the same video game, read some more as the book is really interesting, or chat and then sleep. I plan to watching the Dark Knight Rising tomorrow with friends, and hope that it turns out to be as good as they say.


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