Japan Day 116

I woke up today feeling the heat of the morning. I cooked breakfast and ate it before I turned on the air conditioner and tried to get to sleep but a friend came online on chat so we started chatting and that went for a few hours. While chatting, I checked up on a few things, and picked up the hard drive I bought on Amazon that had taken its sweet time to arrive. After putting a diagnostic on my hard drive, I continued chatting, trying to recover the photos on my camera with software, and reading till 3.30 in which I prepared to go to the cinema with Amanda and Raphael. As I got there early, I took money out of the ATM and waited in front of the cinema where Amanda was. After waiting 10 minutes, Raphael with his friend came and they said they were hungry so they went to buy Mac Donalds while Amanda and I checked on tickets and popcorn.

When Raphael and his friend came back, (I am sorry I can not remember her name which is really embarrassing), we bought the last 4 together ticket spaces in the ticket computer buying machine. After that, Amanda and I bought butter popcorn and juice/ice tea and went to the cinema. Once there, we sat down and watch the Dark Knight Rising, a long but very good movie which was extremely entertaining and worth the money to watch it.

After the movie ended, we came out together and met up with Jenny in front of the Cinema building. Jenny had been out for the day so she couldn’t come with us, but she came with us to Saizeriya for dinner, where I had a stake with garlic bread and drink bar. After drinking and eating, we paid for our food, which resulted in me having a lot of change as I didn’t have enough small change to pay properly, and we went out, deciding the night is young, so this mean karaoke.

I was less than thrilled about the idea, as I am not good at singing and not good at public displays. After mentioning my bad feeling multiple times, we still went and got a room. For 1 hour, all of us, although mostly Jenny and Amanda, sung our hearts out, while I sung two songs badly. After we all had a lot of fun, we left after paying and went down stairs discussing our plans. I wanted to eat ice cream as I like doing that on special occasions, but everyone wanted to go to the convenience store, so we went. After I bought my stuff, I went back to the meeting place we were at, but no where was there, so I assumed they had ditched me and gone of.

On my way home, while annoyed the weather got interesting as bolts of lightning flew across the sky. I then got a phone call from Raphael asking me where I was. I was surprised, as I was half way home. Apparently they had not finished like I assumed and were looking for me. I told them my end of the story and we saw the screw up, and I continued on the way home. Feeling bad, I decided to wait for them in front of the dormitory, although I put my ice cream I bought from the convenience store away as it was hot out, and got Jenny’s birthday present. After waiting a little while, they finally got home, and I gave Jenny her birthday present which she loved. After showing the name of the Pokemon on my Nintendo 3DS, which impressed Raphael, we parted ending the night, and I walked with Raphael, discussing things. After we parted way, I went back to my room, put away my stuff as my dorm mates played Mahjong, and grabbed my clothes as I went down to the bathroom and took a nice cold shower.

After leaving, I went back to my room, and turned the air conditioner on as I started copying my old files from my dying hard drive to my new hard drive. My plan for tonight is to chat with friends, read and then head to bed.


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