Japan Day 118

Today I woke up early because my brain decided it was time to wake up, even though I didn’t have an early morning class. After trying to get back to sleep and failing, I gave up and read up on my phone software, hoping to fix the annoying errors that now exists on my phone, the bluetooth doesn’t work properly. I also discovered the volume was rather low on the phone.

After failing, I sent a few messages and emails out, and responded to a few when they came back. Yesterday, I started downloading my picture library from the internet to test a photo upload software. With it complete, I started to edit the pictures, adding locations to the pictures, as well as identifying the faces I could find in the pictures. When I uploaded them for update, the stupid software sent a link to my gallery to whomever I indentified in the gallery. While there was nothing really personal in there, it was not my intention and I sent an email or message to the relevent people, apologising for the inconvenience. Luckily, most were ok with it, or didn’t notice as they never responded.

After lunch came, I went out into the hot heat, went to the school cafeteria and ate curry for lunch. I then bought some packaged dinners for a few days, and some food for tomorrow before heading home. After I got home, I read a lot before class. When it was time to go to class, I went through the hot heat and entered class.

The first class was easier, as no one came so I got to talk with the teacher and get advice for cutting my hair and selling my air conditioner. After that, Fujimoto’s class was more difficult, while we had a mock test, were the scores were not recorded, but it was difficult (for me, as I didn’t understand all the Kanji). Getting as much as I could, I think I would have scored pretty well. I only had to miss one question, and got one question totally wrong, but with only small errors elsewhere, I think I would have gotten a pretty good grade if my grades depended on the test.

After leaving, I went into Minami Osawa to get my hair cut. I got messages from Amanda which I answered till my phone died, and after finding one hair dresser which wanted to charge 3800 Yen for a hair cut and shampoo, I looked for another which charged 1000 Yen, and could cut your hair in 10 minutes. I think he took a little longer with me, but in the end my hair was cut, and it only cost me 1000 Yen. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Most of it was ordinary, except for the fact the entire set up was made for quick clean, with disposable covers and easy to clean floors. My favourite part was, instead of using a hair blower, they used a vacuum cleaner and sucked up my loose hair in my hair while styling it with a comb. I have to admit, air sucking is feels pretty good!

Leaving the department store, I went straight home and grabbed my washing supplies as I headed straight to the bath. Taking a nice cold shower, I washed the cut hair out of my hair and came back to greet my dormitory mates, which were surprised to say the least. After grabbing a drink and cooking dinner, I watched them play Mahjong for a while before eating dinner and drinking. I then grabbed my used clothes and put them in the washing machine with my jumper and other winter clothes. After I came back, I started writing this post.

After this post, I plan to watch Mythbusters as there are some new episodes, and get my clothes back before heading to bed.


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