Japan Day 119

Today I have a very lazy day. I woke up early, because I went to sleep early and because it was hot. After reading to see if I could fix my phone’s buggy software and downloading the new update which didn’t fix anything, I went in the early morning to buy some food so I wouldn’t need to go when it was hot. It was pretty hot in the morning, making me wonder what the rest of the day was going to be like. After entering the convenience store, I bought a ton of stuff so I didn’t need to go back, and walked back home.

Once I got back to my room, I turned on the air conditioner, watched Mythbusters while eating breakfast and then continued watching till lunch. It was at that time, I read a little, before watching more Mythbusters.

In the late afternoon, Amanda called me asking about garbage bags. I went down to see her at the vending machine, and gave her the bags, and we talked for a while, as it was her last day here, as she was moving to her shared house tomorrow. After our fun talk, I went back to my room, watched the end of the episode before I grabbed my washing supplies and went to the bathroom, and had a nice cold shower.

After the shower, I came back to my room, wrote this post and plan to read a little before sleeping early again.


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