Posted in July 2012

Japan Day 109

Today I woke up early but decided to sleep in a little as for some reason I was still pretty tired. After getting up, I ate breakfast and started re-writing my notes for the Japanese Language Class test I have on Monday. As it is an open book essays type, I have no idea how … Continue reading

Japan Day 108

Today I technically woke up early, having not really slept the entire night. For some reason I couldn’t sleep. I turned the air conditioner on and off trying to keep myself comfortable, and while I was relaxed, I just didn’t get to bed. When I got up, I tried packaged rice porridge which made a … Continue reading

Japan Day 107

Today I woke up to another hot day. Staying in my room, I read a lot and did a lot of research online, before spend a few hours chatting with friends. Once it was evening, I took a shower with Taijii which we had not done together in a while, and then did my laundry … Continue reading

Japan Day 106

Today I woke up late because I had another late night and because I didn’t want to be awake while it was hot. After eating lunch, I continued to do a little read, and researching before I headed out of my dormitory, past Minami-Osawa’s train station and at the Minami-Osawa government building to pay for … Continue reading

Japan Day 105

Today I woke up late as I knew it was going to be hot, so I stayed up most of the night reading and chatting with friends. As it is hot during the day, I didn’t want to be awake to experience it, so I slept through most of it, while doing the things I … Continue reading

Japan Day 104

Today, I woke up late as I stayed up till late ready the Manga, History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi (in English Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple). It was an interesting manga that I was always meaning to read, but never got round to doing so. When I woke up, I ate brunch, read a little more than chatted … Continue reading

Japan Day 103

Today I got up late because I was tired. After waking up, I chatted with my friends while eating brunch, and after my chat I grabbed my phone and went down stairs intending to go to the Docomo store to get rid of the extra features on my phone I didn’t need as my 3 … Continue reading

Japan Day 102

Today I woke up early as I had class. After eating breakfast, I walked to class and got in just in time for the start. I wrote down my notes, and when class ended early, I helped some of my neighbours with their roleplay, as it was in English, and it was the one thing I … Continue reading

Japan Day 101

Today, I woke up early as I wanted to make sure I get a spot in the sight-seeing international seminar provided by the international centre. After going in, I asked to join and was asked to fill in a form. After filling in a form, I was informed that if I wanted to cancel later, … Continue reading

Japan Day 100

Even thought it was my 100th day since I arrived in Japan, it isn’t a special day. As I have a speech I must remember by Thursday morning, I planned to do nothing special. Today I woke up a little later, and after checking my emails and sending a few, I start practising my speech. … Continue reading