Posted in August 2012

Japan Day 150

Today I woke up early because I had very little sleep, I went to Minami Osawa and ate a breakfast at Mac Donalds as I wanted a western breakfast. After going home, and eating the breakfast, I sent a few messages and emails as I wanted to invite my friend Kaen to the karaoke which … Continue reading

Japan Day 149

Today I woke up late because I went to sleep late. I spent most of the night watching a live presentation by Samsung on the new technology that was going to be released in the next few months which included a few android phones and Windows 8 devices. As I was interested, I watched the … Continue reading

Japan Day 148

Today I woke up very late. I had planned to wake up earlier, which is why I went to sleep earlier, but I am guessing due to constantly sleeping in late, my sleeping patterns were off and I couldn’t sleep well till a lot later, and then I woke up late again. After Japanese practice, I … Continue reading

Japan Day 147

Today I woke up very early because I didn’t sleep long. After reading most of the night, I tried to get to bed by the Mahjong game by my room mates kept me up, and when they finally stopped, I kept trying to sleep but couldn’t. Once I finally went down for 2 hours, I woke up … Continue reading

Japan Day 146

Today I woke up very late as I stayed up very late reading the book series. Having finished 3 more volumes, it was early in the morning, but I was tired so i went to bed, and as such didn’t wake up till the late afternoon. When I got up, I did my Japanese practice, … Continue reading

Japan Day 145

Today I woke up late as I was up late helping Caleb with his server issues. After getting up, I ate breakfast and then proceed to read most of the day away, reading my book series Toaru Majutsu no Index, which has at least 20 volumes, so I had a lot more to read. After reading … Continue reading

Japan Day 144

Today I woke up late as I stayed up late last night. Taijii had returned later in the night and as such, everyone decided to play Mahjong all night. After my late night chat with Kaen (as she prefers to be known), I chatted with Caleb a little before his computer had a problem cutting … Continue reading

Japan Day 143

Today I woke up later because I stayed up very late reading manga and my book. When I tried to sleep, I had a lot of difficulty, so I stayed up reading till I got too tired to stay up. When I finally got up, I ate lunch and began my Japanese practice. After practice … Continue reading

Japan Day 142

Today I woke up late as I spent a lot of time last night reading up on technical information, reading manga, updating my phone software and helping people with technical issues. When I got up, I ate lunch and then updated my phone software. I also began reading a new book from my series I … Continue reading

Japan Day 141

Today I woke up late as my chat with Caleb was cut short due to technical difficulties and him not coming on early enough. After I was a little bummed out, I corrected some issues with my tablet and download some new Manga to read. After I got up, I ate lunch, did my Japanese … Continue reading