Posted in September 2012

Japan Day 179

Today I woke up at the alarmed time, and then decided to sleep in. As today was the last day of my Summer Vacation, I thought I would enjoy it as much as possible by sleeping in. As my feet were still a little pained for all the walking, it was nice to sleep in. … Continue reading

Japan Day 178

Today I woke  up at 9 am but was too tired to wake up fully, so I went back to sleep. At 10 am, I woke  up properly and started to get ready. With us needing to leave the room at 11 am, I woke Taijii up with a lot of effort at  10.30 am … Continue reading

Japan Day 177

Today I woke up at 9 am and decided to go back to bed. After it was 10 am, I tried to wake Taijii up, but he didn’t get up till 10.50 am. After getting ready for today, we left the hotel at 11.30 and went to Mac Donalds for breakfast. After eating a quick … Continue reading

Japan Day 176

Today I woke up at 9 am and was tired, so I decided to sleep till 10 am. When I finally got up, I tried my best to wake up Taijii multiple times, but it was not until 11.30 am here woke up fully, and got ready for the day. With the day planned out … Continue reading

Japan Day 175

Today I woke up at 9 am when I was supposed to. Dragging myself out of bed, I decided to let Taijii sleep in a little. Going to my computer, I downloaded the new software for my phone and updated it. When it was 9.30, I tried to wake up Taijii but it didn’t work. … Continue reading

Japan Day 174

Today I woke up at 7.30am for no reason what so ever. I tried to get back to sleep, and had some lousy sleep till 9am which was the intended wake up time. I was waking up then, as at 10am Taijii and I were supposed to leave the dormitory to go to Kyoto. I … Continue reading

Japan Day 173

Today I woke up late just in time to go to the exchange pick-up. I was supposed to go to the International Centre first, but because some students came earlier, I was asked to meet at the Bus Stop. Once I was at the bus stop after walking quickly, I met up with Fujinuki-san and 2 … Continue reading

Japan Day 172

Today I woke up late and went to Minami Osawa to buy my food and drink for the next few days. As I have to pick up some people tomorrow from the bus station as they are new exchange students, I knew I wouldn’t have much time for shopping tomorrow. After buying breakfast and some … Continue reading

Japan Day 171

Today I woke up late because I could. My sleep wasn’t so good as I woke up with a headache. Once I quickly woke myself up, I went to Minami Osawa shopping district for breakfast and buying food and drink supplies. Once I got back to my dormitory, I ate breakfast, and then began to … Continue reading

Japan Day 170

Today I woke up later due to staying up late chatting with Caleb up late. We didn’t end up talking about what we wanted and instead decided to share videos, but it was still nice to talk to him again. After getting up, I went to Minami Osawa shopping district and bought breakfast and food … Continue reading