Japan Day 342

Today I woke up early as I had a lot to do today. After trying to get in contact with Taijii as he borrowed my USB sticks, I failed at that and went to plan B. After eating breakfast, I downloaded all my study material from yesterday’s class, and began studying and finished before I went to the International Center to meet up with Chiho.

Yesterday, Chiho had emailed me saying that she would go with me yesterday and would be waiting at 2 pm. However, as I didn’t read the email (as I set my phone to airplane mode to save power for photography), I was unable to respond so she waited for 2 hours for me to come. Feeling really bad, I bought her some sweets I had from Australia as an apology and went to the International Center and met up with her. There she told me the policy involved with the air conditioner, which involved a rather expensive removal fee that had to be paid (13,000 Yen). Hoping once again I would find someone to buy my air conditioner so that some of the money I get will be used to pay that off, I thanked Chiho for her information and left for the Minami Osawa branch of the Hachioji City Government Office.

Once I arrived at the office, my Japanese skills were put to the test as I tried to explain I had to pay for the rest of my insurance and that I would be leaving soon, so I would need to fill in all the required forms. After a rather bumpy start, my request got convayed, and while the governemnt official still needed to call the University to confirm some things (which I was glad, as I rather they confirm with the University rather then get it wrong), I completed the forms, paid the remaining insurance and got the instructions on what to do with the card once I was set for leaving the country.

After I left the office, I went to the post office to try and buy a large box to put my cosplay costume in, as well as some nick nacks which I would send back before I leave Japan, to help remove the burden of having to take them around with me in Nikko, and so that I can take more stuff back. In a rather non-complicated discussion, I discovered they don’t sell boxes the size I needed them in, and that I would need to go to a Home Centre to find boxes that big. After thanking her, I checked my account balance and then left for Minami Osawa shopping district where I bought food and drink supplies before I went back to the University.

On the way back, I caught up with an old friend and got to talking before I noticed the time and excused myself and ran to the International Center  There, I found out Chiho was in a meeting which would end when my online class activity, which I was told about this morning, would start. Excusing myself, I left a message and went back to the dormitory.

When I got back, I met briefly with Taijii to discuss my air conditioner advert and asked him to finish quickly as I really wanted to put it up. After he confirmed some things, he left to do what he had to do, and I went to my computer and logged into the online class. It turned out to be more a chat room with some online students and the tutorer in charge, but I didn’t mind as I could save the chat, and I could ask questions, as well as listen to other questions, which usually were questions I wanted to ask.

After finishing the chat, I logged off and disconnected from my personal WiFi as the Internet had been lost again and the guy that controlled the net in the dormitory wasn’t going to come home today. I decided to charge my device for tonight and after watching an episode of Top Gear got a little tired and took a nap.

After what was a rather long nap, I woke up and wrote this post.

My plan after this is to wake up early tomorrow to see the Samsung launch event of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and see if its the phone I want to buy to replace my current excellant but a little out of date S2. At the moment the battery life on my Galaxy S2 is depressing me heavily, as it keeps running out, possibly because it was never a large capacity battery to begin with, and also because I am using the most up to date version of Android which probably also uses more system resources. It could also have to do with the fact that its a 2 year old battery that I really thrashed about. Either way, I am looking forward to replacing the phone (as possibly buying a new battery for the person that gets this phone, either my father or friends)


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