Japan Day 346

Today I woke up early as I had to prepare for my parent’s visit. After eating breakfast, I downloaded all the school work I had to do today and started to do some study before I had to leave for Narita Airport.

When it was time, I left my studies and decided not to bring my stuff as I would pick it up later. I then said goodbye to everyone and left the dormitory, taking the bus to the train station, then taking the train to Narita International Terminal 1.

After a lot of train transfers and searching for the right exit, as apparently there were two exits in the terminal, I searched for my parents as their flight landed earlier then expected, before waiting at the exit for them to come out, camera ready to take a picture at their shocked faces. Wanting to surprise them, I had dyed my hair earlier from Black to Blonde. As such, when they finally came out 1 hour later, they didn’t recognize me before I yelled at them and took a picture of their shocked faces.

After greeting each other, and being told I had gained weight, we took to the train terminal where I went to the store that sold the NEX tickets (Narita Express tickets). As I didn’t want to do a lot of transfer with a ton of luggage, I thought it was the best idea. However, we had to weight for 40 minutes in line, and my mother apparently wasn’t feeling so well. After asking them to go buy stuff while I waited, they didn’t want any of the food, as apparently sandwiches were the reason she threw up in the first place.

After it was my turn, it turned out you needed a foreign passport to buy the NEX tickets with Suica discount. Even though I had an Alien Registration Card which proves I am a foreigner, and I had a picture of my passport, they couldn’t give me the discount so I had to pay the full fair to ride with my parents.

After buying the tickets, we took to the train, which was very nice inside, very much like a Shinkansen, and rode for 1 hour to Shinjuku, where we got off, took the south entrance bypassing all the other train lines, and walked in a small circle before finding the hotel.

Once inside, I had an issue about not having my passport, but this time my Alien Registration Card allowed me to bypass it as I was living in Japan. After filling out details, we went up to our room, put away our stuff, and then unpacked a little before going down stairs, finding out where the laundry room was, and then left the hotel to go eat.

After going into Lumine 2, which was a good choice as it had a direct access to Keio Line, we went to the 6th floor and ate fried noodles,  Okonomiyaki and Udon Egg. Enjoying the nice meal, I then took my parents down stairs, and separated from them, as I wanted to go home to pick up my stuff. During the dinner, I was feeling rather depressed, as it sound on me, that I had spent my last day in the dormitory in my room without doing anything with my friends to celebrate. Depressed on the way home, especially as my phone was out of batteries so I couldn’t listen or watch anything, I reached Minami Osawa, missed my first bus, took the second as it was raining, and then got back to the dormitory.

When I checked the last train, it said it would be in 35 minutes, which would have made it very close. I decided to call my dad in the hotel which was weird as I had to say it was Gerhard calling Gerhard (as the room was under my name), and told them I would be staying at the dormitory the night and pick them up tomorrow. They recommended I come for the breakfast as I paid for it, and let me go.

I then went to Taijii’s room and chatted with him while watching videos of Sim City 4 and 5, and helped him re-string his guitar before Maru and Yudai came and we all went to take our final bath together. After a little splash fight, I offered to buy drinks, and got each a drink before we went back to the dormitory rooms, where I kept chatting with Taijii before everyone started playing Monster Hunter 3 HD. Recording a short video for memories, I kept watching till I decided to write this post.

My plan after this, is to continue watching and enjoy my final day with my room mates before going to bed.



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