Japan Day 347

Today I woke up early as I had to get up to eat breakfast with my parents at the hotel. After getting up, I left for Minami Osawa train station. I took the bus to Minami Osawa train station, and arrived to see that there were a lot of people waiting at the train station to to go to work I assumed. After getting on the train, I took the train to Shinjuku, and then went directly to my parent’s hotel, where I met them at the breakfast area. When I came inside, I ate breakfast and chatted with my parents till it was time for us to go. After we got some stuff from the fridge, we went back to our room, organised our gifts for today and then left the hotel room and went to the train station and took Keio Line back to my dormitory.

On the way, we discussed getting gifts ready as talked about getting some plastic bags for sharing the lollies. Stopping on the way, we went to Donkey and bought some things, which included some plastic bags and went to Minami Osawa, where we went directly to my dormitory, gave my gift to Yudai and Maru, before we went to see Fujimoto-sensei. There, we gave all my gifts for all of my teachers before getting a last photo. After that, I went to the International Centre where I gave my gifts to the people which helped me there, and then we went back to the dormitory where Taijii was awake. I gave him my gifts for himself and his parents, and then we started to clean up my room.

To say it was a hard job was an understatement, and after just cleaning up all the stuff I knew I didn’t want to take with me, it was a struggle to get all the stuff I did want to take with me in the suitcases I brought with me. I really bought a lot more then I thought, and after putting some stuff in other bags, we had to deal with my Bonta-kun cos play suit. After my box arrived for my suit, the box proved to be too heavy and using the packaging for the box, we made a makeshift package that covered the costume. When my mother saw it however, she wasn’t happy and began trying to fix it. During this time, I tried to sell my air conditioner to Benjamin, but I couldn’t get him on the phone. When I was taking out the trash however, I did see some of the other Austrian exchange students, and invited them to talk with my father. When they came up, my father ended up talking their ear off, while helping to pack the suit.

After we got everything packaged away, and placed somewhere, we were pretty tired and doubtful that we would get everything to the hotel easily. As such, I suggested we grab what I needed today, and leave the rest for another day (a day where the post office was open) so that I could post my costume and get the rest of my bags before washing the room and cleaning up all the bed clothes. Grabbing the suitcases I needed, we went to the train station taking the bus, and then took the train to Shinjuku, where we put the bags in the hotel room, set up the computer and checked up on postage limits, baggage limits, travel time tables and everything needed for the next few days. After that we left the hotel and went to eat dinner.

After going to a few restaurant  we ended up eating Tonkatsu, which made me feel rather sad as I missed eating it with Taijii. After eating it, we left and looked for the final hotel which we would be at in the last day, which we would use to leave Shinjuku, and then take the train to Narita International Airport. After we checked some stores on the way, we went back to the hotel where we organised shower times, and I wrote this post.

After this, I will do a little Manga reading to calm down, as right now I am so stressed out. I am honestly thinking about doing some enrollment changes, as I honestly don’t think I can study properly during this holiday trip. If I can’t study properly in the next few days, I will shift my units for first semester to second semester otherwise I will go crazy.


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