Japan Day 348

Today I woke up early because my parents woke me up. After having a little sleep, I was woken up in the early morning as they wanted me to get ready and thought I would take 1 hour to do so. After getting ready, we went down to the lobby level, where we went to the breakfast buffet. After eating a nice breakfast, we went up stairs where I got my father to watch a small video and read the news for a little bit before we had to go to the train station.

At the train station, we went though the morning hustle and bustle to take the train to Ueno. On the way there, Kaen messaged me on my phone that she would be late 10 minutes and that we should think about lunch. After getting to Ueno, we discovered the huge line of people who wanted to go to the area to see the Cherry Blossom bloom. After waiting for 10 minutes, Kaen finally came to the train station and met us. We than went down the pathway towards the Zoo, but instead turned down the road where we saw the an entire road full of Cherry Blossoms blooming. While it wasn’t 100% bloomed, I would say around 70% of the trees did, and it was a beautiful sight. After walking down the road and taking pictures of the flowers, we went through a few shrines, with Kaen and myself explaining the procedures for the Shrines and how to pray and cleanse one’s self, before we went to the festival where they were selling food and drink. After a nice walk, we went passed a lake where you could rent paddle boats and row boats, so wanting to go, I took Kaen on a row-boat and apparently scared her half to death with my rowing. As it was my second time rowing in over 10 years, I think I did very well, especially as last time it was with one row, and this time it was with two. After getting a lot of nice picture, we came back to the dock, where I had difficulty parking and then we went back to the food stalls and ate lunch.

After lunch, we went to Ueno Zoo which was free today because of the holiday and had a lot of people. We at first wanted to see the Pandas, but the line for the Pandas was so extremely long, so we totally gave up on it and instead saw a cute squirrel (which was eating a nut exactly like they do in the cartoons), some birds, then the tiger, then monkeys, then seals, polar bears, and finally we saw the Australian animals and the nocturnal animals, which were my favorite as they had the Japanese Dwarf Squirrel, which I think is a super cute squirrel which can fly. After that, we saw some more birds before we left the Zoo as it was closing, and under Kaen’s guidance, we went down the shopping strip Ameya Yokocho. There, she helped us buy some Sea weed, cookies and candy, pushing her leaving time long after she was supposed to. As such, she had to go in the middle of our shopping and honestly it was a little sad that our final leaving had to be rushed. After saying thank you for her help, we gave her the cookies we promised to give her when my parents came to Japan, as well as a nice Teddy Bear fair well present, before she left.

After she left, we bought the things and then took the train back to Shinjuku, where we put our stuff away in the hotel, and then did a little web search to check up on Tokyo Skytree. Having discovered it would cost 3,000 Yen to go up the tower, we decided if we were going to pay for the view, we wanted to see it during the day. As such, we left the Skytree visit for another day and left the hotel and went early to buy dinner. Walking around the place, we discovered yet another place there restaurants were, as well as some old places we had been before. We then finally decided to eat Rice Porridge which tasted great before we walked home, and started organizing for tomorrow.

When we got back to the hotel, we started to wash up and put our clothes in the washing machine. While waiting for the washing machine to finish, I started writing this post.

My plan after this is to do a little reading before going to bed as my brain was starting to really fall apart, having had difficulty writing this post.


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