Japan Day 349

Today I woke up early as my parents wanted me to do so. Being woken up by my parents, I went to the bathroom to have a nice warm shower and changed into some clothes that dried off during the night. Having a shower and putting on my dried clothes, we went down to the first floor and ate breakfast.

After a long breakfast buffet, we went back up to our room where I checked up on my phone how to get to the special pillow place that sold the special pillows for my handicapped uncle. Ready to go, we left the hotel and went down a different path again to head to Shinjuku train station. However, it turned out the pathway we took was a single company train station, letting us only get on trains owned by the Keio train company. As such, we had to pay to get out of the train station with riding.

When we finally reached the JR lines, we took a few trains then transferred to a subway train to take us very close to the place that sold the pillows. After a 3 minute walk, surprisingly we found the pillows place without much difficulty (thank you Google Maps). When we entered the place, everyone looked at us a little shocked, and after telling people I was not very good at Japanese, someone with a rather good English Language skill set came to us and asked us what we wanted. We told the nice man about out issue, and he regretted to inform us that they were a distributor, and not a store that sold these kinds of pillows. However, a nicer older Japanese man said it was okay, and as long as they had stock, they would be nice enough to send the pillow out to us.

After calling my family on Skype and forgetting how to speak in Thai, I gave the phone to my mother to speak, and after a little arguing with the phone receptionist, my mother finally found out the pillow size we required and bought a pillow for the nice people.

After we left the distributors, we took a few trains and one final one that went from the Imperial Palace all the way down to Minami Osawa. The good thing about the train was it started empty, and was the fastest train to get to where we needed to go. While there were other trains we could have transferred to, they wouldn’t have allowed us to sit down as long.

After we reached Minami Osawa, we went towards the dormitory room where I was silly and forgot to take my key with me, as I didn’t even think about sending my costume today. Asking at the dormitory mother and father for the key, they allowed us access to the room, and I grabbed my Bonta-kun suit that was packed crazily and we walked all the way to the post office carrying the package. Once we reached the post office, my father was happy when the took our package and thought we would get to send it, but while filling out the forms, they told us the bad news. Apparently our package was 50 odd Centermeters over size. With a need to cut down on the size, we unpacked he entire package, bought a box from the post office, compressed the body of the suit into the box, put all the accessories into the head, and then began trying to compress the head as much as possible. After we packaged it, we discovered we had been 7 cms over-size, so cutting of as much excess cardboard as possible, we gave it again for measurement. However, then I got a suprise that we were 24 cms over size. Confused, I asked how that was possible, and apparently it was because the post office lady measured it incorrectly. After she was told by the other lady how to measure it correctly, we were within the requirements, so I quickly filled out the forms before they changed their minds, and my father sealed up the package properly with duct tape. Paying 8,000 Yen to send it, I then put extra money in my bank account for the final rent, and then left the post office happy we finally finished that.

As we had spent more time in the post office then intended, we decided to kill the Tokyo Skytree visit, and instead went back to my dormitory room, grabbed the rest of my baggage and then went to the train station and took the train directly to Shinjuku. Once we got back, we went to the hotel, put our stuff in the room and then went down to buy dinner.

Today, instead of going to a fancy restaurant, we went to a local place were we ate Gyudon and had a nice time of it. After that, we bought some donuts, went to a local pharmacy that was selling very cheap Ferrero roaches a few nights ago, but wasn’t anymore and then went back towards the hotel. On the way, we stopped at a stack of vending machines, and I got my father to buy a bean drink, as they were curious but they wouldn’t buy it. Once we got back to the hotel, we went back up stairs to our room. There, my mother grabbed some clothes out of my bag for me to wear for tonight and tomorrow, and then we grabbed our washing and went down stairs and started washing up.

Going back up stairs with time to burn, I started writing this post while my dad read the news on my tablet.

My plan after this is to do a little reading and try to get my part of the assignment done today while I have the time before taking an early sleep tonight.


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