Japan Day 350

Today I woke up early as my parents decided to wake me up early. After getting up, we went down to eat breakfast buffet.

After eating breakfast, we went back to our room where my father read the news and I tried to rest a little more before we left for Tokyo Skytree. Our intention was to go up the tower and see Tokyo from up there. Taking several trains, we finally reached Tokyo Skytree, and once we got there we discovered there was a line to get numbers so that we could line up later. At first, my parents didn’t want to line up, but after a little while they agreed to it, and after getting a card, we went to Akihabara early.

While on the way, Taijii had said he would be very late and asked for further instructions. As he said he would be in Tokyo at 5 pm, and our tower line up time was 6 pm, I asked him when he would be free as he still needed to go to  Keio Tama Centre to get some forms signed. After asking my parents about it, they suggested that we leave the dinner to another time. I suggested with Taijii that we move the dinner till Monday, the last day I would be able to get together with the boys before I went to Nikko.

At Akihabara, we went directly to the electronics store to try to buy a Vitamix and a face massagers for my cousin, but while we were unable to find the massager, we were able to find the face massagers. There, we met a Korean sales girl who found my father’s face shape cute, loved his eyes, and thought he would make a good Mario. After taking for a little, she helped me find the perfect device for my cousin, but my mother had to discuss things a further 20 minutes before coming to the same conclusion. While that was happening, I got a phone call from the Post Office. My heart started to sink as I thought that something was wrong with the package and they wanted me to pick it up. However, I got more confused as they talked about some sort of bill, and I thought they wanted me to pay for something. After they finally confirmed they just wondered what to do with the bill that I had left, I told them to throw it away we happily hung up.

After my mother bought the massager, we had a little time so I tried to show them the rest of Akihabara in the little time we had left. However, my parents were really not interested in the entire place and as such, I took them early back to Tokyo Skytree.

After we went through the pathways and finally got in line, we had to wait for an entire hour till we could buy a ticket. Then after we went through the security checks, we took an amazing elevator which could climb the tower at 600 meters per minute. Reaching the 350th Floor in record time (50 seconds!), we had a look around, and then waited 5 minutes before we got the ticket for the top floor. My mother had been annoyed with waiting the entire hour just to see outside a tower, so she stayed on the lower floor while my father and I went up to the 450th floor.

The elevator to the top-level was different. For one, it didn’t have the cool counter, but however replaced it with a glass ceiling letting us see the top of the elevator shaft which honestly was like something from a horror movie. When we reached the top floor, we walked up the spiral, looking out the window at the amazing night view of Tokyo. One wouldn’t think that your view changes with just a few hundred feet, but the view was truly amazing at the top floor, and the only regret I had been that my camera wasn’t up to the task of taking night pictures. After taking some sub par pictures, we took the elevator down that took us to the 349th floor which confused me and my father as we thought we were at the 350th floor, where my mother was waiting for us. After we discovered that we were on the wrong floor (the restaurant gave it away, as we didn’t see that before), we went up stairs and met up with my mother and then went down stairs, to the 340th floor, which was the exit floor. On the floor, before the exit, was a glass bottom which gave you a view of the tower side all the way to the bottom, which was cool. However, the most scary was the glass floor, which was a glass floor that gave you an unrestricted view of the bottom, which you walked on. In the beginning, I thought “Yeah, it is safe, what is there to worry about”, but after walking a few steps, and when the glass felt like it moved a bit, I was walking more on the metal frames then the glass floor. It was one of the most amazing pictures I took today.

When we got down to the bottom floor, we went to the food court in the tower and ordered some food. As I didn’t eat lunch or mostly anything that day, I got a large meal. While eating, a New Zealand person came up to us and chatted with us. Apparently he is working in the construction company that built the tower, and was married to a Japanese girl he met in school while in a technical college. After the fun talk, I discovered my battery on my pocket Wi-fi was dead so without information guidance, I took my family around using the trains that I thought would get us home the fastest. By pure luck or experience or both, we got back to Shinjuku and then went back into the hotel, where we got ready to have an early night.

After a quick shower so I didn’t need to shower in the morning, we washed our clothes and while my father read the news on my tablet, I wrote this post.

My plan after this is to read a little before going to sleep.


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