Japan Day 352

Today I woke up early as we had an appointment with Junko-san, my mother’s friend. Waking up with very little sleep I had a headache. After getting up, we went down stairs and ate breakfast at the hotel resturant before wewent back up stairs. My dad then read the news on my tablet, while I went with my mother to find the missing sock I had lost last night while washing. After checking hte laundry and the hotel staff, we were unable to find the sock. For some reason, my dad had came down with us, and while waiting downstairs, I went back up stairs to grab my stuff and we went early to Tokyo Station, where we were supposed to meet.

Walking to Shinjuku and riding the Chuo Line, we got to where we needed pretty quickly, and after walking past the signs, we entered the entrance we were supposed to meet at, which had an amazing ceiling. After waiting for a little while, we finally met up with Junko, Seiji and his mother. Giving us gifts for the gifts we gave yesterday, we walked together towards the Imperial Palace Gardens, where we entered through the gate and saw some amazing flowers and structures from the older times of Japan. After taking a lot of pictures, we left the palace gardens, and tried to access a different part of the palace, but it appeared it was closed, with it only open during special times of the year.

After that, we left the park area and went towards Tokyo station where we went to a food area and walked around to find something to eat. With lines at every restaurant  we were pretty careful with our search, and after finding a place that served Yakinuki, we went inside and sat down, ready to BBQ our own meat. Being very tired, I held my head a lot till the meat came. Cooking the meat was rather fun and after eating some very nice tasting meat, we left the restaurant and went to the shopping area where we bought a special cream for my cousin. When we finished shopping, Junko, Seiji and his mother had to leave for the day, and after saying thank yous and goodbyes, we left for the train station and took a train back to the Shinjuku.

After a little walking, we finally reached back to the hotel, where I made the panoramas of the pictures I took, uploaded all the pictures and then went to bed to take a nap.

After waking up from my nap, I started writing this post.

My plan after this is to take my mother and father to eat something, and then when we get back to the hotel room, I will do a little reading before going to bed.


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