Japan Day 353

Today I woke up early because my parents woke me up. After waking up, I went down stairs to eat breakfast with my parents. After a rather nice breakfast, we went up stairs and got ready to go to Minami Osawa for the last time. My intention today was to clean up my room and have it inspected for the handover to the school. After we left the hotel, we went to the Shinjuku train station, but on the way to the Keio Line, I remembered I forgot my room key. As it had started to rain, my parents asked me to get an umbrella with me, so I walked back to the hotel, grabbed my key and umbrella and went back to the train station while my parents looked around. When I got back, they were at the meeting spot, and together we took a train to Minami Osawa.

Arriving early, we walked to the dormitory room and began cleaning up immediately. Having finished early, my dad left for the post office so he could send his post cards. My mom stayed around to do some minor clean ups. I went to Taijii’s room when he was awake and we talked a little, and when Wataru came, we went to his room to help him move. As I wanted to spend some time with my friends, my parents suggested after inspection, I would go back with them to the train station and they would do something for the rest of the day at Shinjuku while I spent time with my friends. As I wanted that to happen earlier, I asked for the dormitory father to inspect the room earlier than intended. After walking to my room, the father asked me to take some things with me, but otherwise left the room as it was and approved the room. After he left, I thought the inspection was over, so I went to help Wataru move his stuff. When I came back to take my father to the train station, it turned out a person from the International Centre wanted my help to move the bed-clothes. After I went down to the front desk, the International Centre lady was there, and we went back to my dormitory and with my mom, we bought the bedding towards the front desk as we had to store them in the girl section of the dormitories. While we were waiting for the door to be unlocked, my dad came back and he came and helped us move the bedding to the special room in the girl’s dormitory.

After we were finished, I said my goodbyes to the International Center lady and we left the dormitory to go to the train station. When we arrived, we took an express train to Shinjuku where I left my parents to do their own things, while I took a train back to Minami Osawa. While going back, I sent a message to Taijii alerting him of the fact and asking him if he wanted Milk Tea. He said he wanted it, so when I came back to Minami Osawa I went to the chemist where the cheapest Milk tea selling place I knew was, and bought some Milk Tea. After shopping, I then walked to the International Centre to pick up my grades and take a picture with Fujinuki-san, before I went back to the dormitory where I met up with Taijii, Wataru and Yudai playing Monster Hunter 3 HD.

Playing the game while waiting for Maru, when he finally came back, we went to the Tonkatsu store, one of the original restaurants we went to when I first came here. After eating dinner, I paid for the dinner and we walked to the convenience store where my friends bought some dessert before we went back to the dormitories and played some more Monster Hunter 3 HD before I had to leave for the night. While I had been given permission to stay overnight, I thought it wasn’t worth it if they didn’t intend to sleep late, which Taijii didn’t intend to do. After taking some final pictures and saying our goodbyes, I left the dormitories and hurried to the train station, as I was catching the last train back to Shinjuku and I didn’t want to be late for that. Once I got to Minami Osawa, I took the final train and arrived at Shinjuku.

Shinjuku station was empty and very closed when I got there. Leaving the train station, the entire city looked a little darker as a lot of the lights were off. I arrived at the hotel and went to my room, trying to make as little noise as possible as everyone had been asleep. After writing this post, I plan to go to bed.


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