Japan Day 354

Today I woke up early being my parents wanted me to do so. After waking up, I took a shower because I wasn’t able to shower the day before as my parents were sleeping at the time. After taking a shower, my parents were already packing away our stuff getting ready for the check out of the hotel. Today we had planned to go to Nikko and stay for 3 nights. After the minor packup, we went down and had our final breakfast at the hotel, which was very nice, before we went back to our room and packed away all our stuff. Grabbing all our bags, which was very difficult, we went down to the front desk and checked out, which was the fastest check out I ever had. After checkout, we took our bags to Shinjuku station and after trying to find the least transfers possible to get to Nikko, contacting Taijii to confirm, we tried to go through the ticket gate with our packages. When we did however, the packages slowed me down too much that the gate closed before I was able to go through. I then went to the officers which let us through the gate. Taking a few trains, this time running through the gate as quick as possible, we finally reached Askusa, where we bought a special express ticket to Nikko.

As we were a little slow, we were not able to go straight away so I bought a ticket for the next train. As we had a ton of baggaging, I requested a compartment, which was 3,000 Yen more expensive, but would have more space. However, when we tried to board the next train, I discovered I had bought tickets for the wrong train. I had bought tickets for the train in 1 hour, which would mean we had to wait a long while. Going back to the office, there were no spots available for us on the train in the personal carrage section, however we could ride if we used a standard seat. Changing to standard seats, and getting our money back we took the train and found we had enough room to store our stuff. Riding for 90 minutes, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Reaching the end of our Special Express route, we transferred to a local train, which took 10 minutes to our final destination, Nikko. Exiting the train station, we followed my map instructions and reached the hotel without issues. Going inside, I signed for our room, and we went up stairs to see that the room quality was pretty much the same as in Shinjuku. Checking access to the Internet, which was suprisngly fast as we had terrible wireless signals in the area, I was able to contact my University about changing my studies. After a lot of work, I finished what was required to be done that day, so we went outside and walked around, unofficial searching for a place to eat.

Walking into a Helly Kitty store, my mother bought some Hello Kitty bags and a doll after a lot of deliberation. After leaving that store, we went through a few stores, including an alcohol store, before we to a grill store, which sold some very nice food. Eating our fill, we then went back to our room, where my mother took a normal shower, and my father and I went down to the hot spring and had a nice hot spring shower and bath together. As it was my father’s first time, I guided him through the process but he really didn’t need much help. After soaking in the bath for a while, we went back upstairs and I started writing this post while my dad read the news on the tablet, and my mom watched Japanese Television.

My plans for tonight are to do a little chatting and reading before going to bed.

Tomorrow, our plans are to see the sites of Nikko, which should start of with the Temples and Shrines the place is famous for.


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