Japan Day 355

Today I woke up early because my parents wanted me to. After getting up, we left the hotel and searched around for a place to eat breakfast. After finding most of the stores were closed, we finally found a store that was open and went inside. I ordered a Morning Set B, which was a standard western breakfast, while my dad ordered a Hamburger Steak meal and my mom got Udon Soup. After eating breakfast finished, I left my parents which were still eating and went back to the hotel as I forgot my charging cable.

Once I got my cable and went to the place we were supposed to meet, my parents were busy searching through the shops till I asked them to come over. Waiting in the line for the bus that would go to the Nikko Shrines and Temples, there was a long line of people waiting to take the bus. After getting on the bus, we had to really bunch up as there were so many people wanting to go to the shrine, the bus was full to the brim. Riding the bus for 10 minutes, we finally reached the shrine area where we left the bus and bought an entrance ticket and entered the first Temple.

Having been to the Temple and Shrine area before, it was mostly babysitting duty for me as there was nothing really new to see. Walking around looking at things, I tried to get my parents to take pictures as I already had pictures of this area, but my dad was very resistant. Even when I finally convinced him to take control, he didn’t take many pictures at all. Going from shrine to shrine, temple to temple, we got to see the entire Nikko Shrine and Temple experience, stairs and all. After my mother was rather tired, we left the last shrine and went to the bus stop to see the bus leave. Checking the time table, we had a little time, and as it was raining, we decided to go inside the nearby coffee shop and buy some things. After drinking a nice Cocoa, we left and took the bus to the train station, where we looked through the stores. As it had been past lunch time, I was hungry and because no one wanted to eat Indian food, my mom and dad went to their hotel room while I bought myself some lunch. Eating Butter chicken, I had a great lunch before going back to the hotel. When I came back, my mom wanted to start washing up, but as my dad wanted to try a natural hot spring, I tried to find the bus time table to get to the natural hotspring which was nearby. After talking with my friend Taijii and having a little difficulty finding information, we discovered the natural hot springs closed early, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to go to the place at this time. Since we had time, we went to the local coin washing area, to try and find out how long it would take to wash. With no information on how long it would take to wash something in the washing area, we bought some washing powder before going back to the hotel and check its washing facilities. Finding a rather modern machine, we risked putting our washing in the machine and found that our washing would be washed and dryed in 6 hours.

After returning to our hotel room, we watched Japanese TV, and after a little while my dad went to walk around the town while I stayed in my room with my mom.

My plan after this is to eat dinner with my family, before we go back to our hotel and take an outside bath and shower. I may do some reading tonight if my dad doesn’t use my tablet to read his news.


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