Japan Day 356

Today I woke up early because my parents wanted me to wake up early. After getting up, I brushed my teeth and got ready for breakfast. Leaving the hotel, we went around searching for a store to eat breakfast, because strangely the place we went to previously was closed today. After giving up, we bought some food at a local place and went into a coffee shop where I ate curry puffs for breakfast while my mom and dad enjoyed a coffee with their food they bought elsewhere. While we were eating, we discussed plans for tomorrow including our travel plans. After a lot of discussion, we finally agreed we would take the high-speed train in the early morning, so we had the maximum amount of time in Shinjuku for shopping and anything else we wanted to do.

After we left the shop, we walked to the JR Train station where I talked with the ticket officer about buying all the tickets required to travel from Nikko to Shinjuku using the High Speed train network and the local train network. After a little bump in the road, I was able to finally get the tickets which I gave to my dad. We then took a bus to the Nikko lakes. While riding the bus, we were able to see the great mountains of Nikko as well as some of the lake before we arrived. Leaving the bus, we went to the waterfall elevator where I went with Taijii before, and took the elevator down to a platform which gave us a good view of the front of the waterfalls. After a little walk around and buying some stuff, we took the elevator back up to the top where we saw the top of the waterfall as well as buy a little food for lunch.

After we finished eating, we went back to the bus stop and took the bus all the way to Yumoto Onsen, which is a hot spring area famous for having natural hot springs. After a rather beautiful bus ride where we could look at many mountains from different views, we left the bus at the Yumoto Onsen bus stop, where it was rather stinky (of Sulfur). Not sure where to go, I suggested we go to the visitor center. As the area was rather remote, I didn’t have an internet connection so I was very reliant on the information that the visitor center could provide. We we finally reached the building, I entered and asked about where I could enter a Hot Spring. After a lot of talk, the only option was at a hotel, and after finding the cheapest hotel to enjoy the hot spring at and marking it on a map, I thanked the young lady at the visitor center and left with my parents towards the hotel.

When we reached the hotel, I entered inside and stated outright that I wanted to enter a natural hot spring, and they said it would cost 500 Yen to do so per person. As I thought we had come here just to go to a natural hot spring, I said everyone would be going, but my mom didn’t want to enter because of the smell, so only my dad and I went. After paying the man, we went towards the bathroom, where we changed and took a shower before entering the outside hot spring. The outside hot spring was disappointingly cold to say the least, but the view of the mountain side was amazing. After a rather long dip in the cold hot spring, we went to the inside on which was very hot and very nice for a very short amount of time. After feeling like a boiled potato, I left the hot spring with my father and we changed and went outside, where my mom was waiting. After buying a drink which turned out to be a large bottle of Yakut drink, my dad found the ice cream machine and bought some ice cream before we left for the bus stop.

At the bus stop, we had a little time so my dad went to read some of the signs in the area, I took some photos around and then when the bus came, we rode the bus the entire way back to the train station. While the bus was very quiet when we first started riding it, by the time it reached the train station, the entire bus was full of passengers and was full to the brim. Leaving the bus with very little credit on our Suica cards, we started to go for dinner, but as my dad wanted to do some sort of long walk and I was tired, my mom and I went to a local place which was nice to eat and cheap. Leaving my dad to walk around to search for a place to eat, we went inside, ordered some good and ate a rather nice dinner. During the dinner, Taijii called me and asked me for my location. I told him we had gone for dinner but in a little while we would be at the hotel as we were nearly finished. Taijii then explained that his mother wanted to meet with me, so in 20 minutes I should be at the lobby of my hotel. Agreeing, I hanged up, and after paying for the food I left for the hotel.

Waiting at the Lobby, Taijii’s mom came and gave me some gifts in return for the gifts I gave her through Taijii. After a little talk, Taijii’s mom had to leave, so we said our goodbyes and thank yous, and went back to our hotel room where I got a phone call from Taijii, with his friend wanting to talk to me. After talking for a little while, they finally hanged up, so I watched Naruto on the local Television when my dad came back. After Naruto ended, my mom wanted me to take the washing to the washing machine. After going to the hotel lobby and seeing the washing machine was being used, I went back up stairs and told them the bad news. I was tired, so I tried to go to sleep, but my parents woke me up less than an hour later as they had decided to hand wash the clothes so that I only needed to dry them. I then went down to the lobby again to see the washing machine was still being used, and went back up stairs, grabbed my wallet and went down stairs and left the hotel to head to the coin operated washing building. There, I put our washing in the machine and let it dry for 30 minutes while playing Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening DX on my Nintendo 3DS. When the washing had dried, I walked back to the hotel, went to my room,g ave the washing over and started writing this post.

My plan after this as I am awake, is to upload the pictures, make some panoramas and then maybe read a little before going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a very early day so I want to get as much sleep as possible.


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