Japan Day 357

Today I woke up early because we had to take the train early from Nikko to Shinjuku. Our plan was to spend as much time as possible at Shinjuku, and to do so, we needed to take our train trip early. After getting up, we packed up our stuff and hurried down to the front desk where we checked out at record time and ran towards the train station. When we reached the train station, we used our tickets and went through the gate, taking the local train that appeared rather empty. However, the closer we got to our stop, the more the train filled and when we reached our stop the train was pretty full. Transferring at our stop, we hurried to the correct train track, as I didn’t know how far away it would be. However, the train station we built well as it was the track next door, and we got to our track without issue. This was a special moment for my mom and dad, as it would be their first time riding the Shinkansen in Japan. When the train came into the station, my parents were impressed by the design. We hurried onto the train which was a good idea because the train nearly left as soon as we got in our seats. Riding the train was amazing as the entire thing was whisper quiet and smooth, and according to my phone fast, as we went 255 km/hr, which was faster than we went in Germany. With the train ride on the super fast train rather short, we left it and transferred to a local train, which was stuffed to the brim with people. Struggling with our luggage, we finally reached our final stop which we left with happiness. However, after leaving the train station, we still had the long walk to the hotel, and with all the stops, it took us 40 minutes between the hotel and the train. Timing it for tomorrow, when we reached the hotel, we were too early for check in, but they stored our bags for the future. My parents planned to check in as soon as they could, and let me leave for the day.

With free time to burn, I decided to go see Taijii. Going to the train station and taking the train to Minami Osawa, Taijii contacted me and told me to go to the dormitory. When I left the train, and went to the dormitory, the Sakuras were in bloom, which made a nice walk. Reaching the dormitory, I saw Tokii on his way out. He had just had to remove some garbage. After taking a final picture with him, I went to the room to see that Maru, Taijii and Yudai had not finished cleaning their room. While Maru and Taijii were there working, Yudai was apparently oversleeping. After Taijii and Maru cleaned their room to what they thought was a good enough standard, they asked the dormitory father to check the room. I grabbed the garbage bags and went to the garbage area to place them. When I came back, I was glad I did, as I heard the dormitory father yelling at Taijii as he had not cleaned it to the standards required. Grabbing some more bags, and put them in the garbage area before walking back, to see Taijii and Maru pretty much cleaning their room like crazy. With nothing to do, I started cutting up the boxes and clearing them from the room, storing them in the garbage area.

After they believed to be done, Taijii, Maru and I left the dormitory and went to Taijii’s new house. Not far from the dormitory it wasn’t too long to walk. After being showed around to what was basically a large room with a Mahjong Table, TV, Wii U and a bed with a lot of cardboard boxes behind it, I helped set up Taijii Wii U, giving him my power board as I couldn’t use it in Australia anyway, and charged all his devices as well as my own. After a little talking, I finally got Taijii to help me cancel my E-Mobile Internet contract, which cost me a lot, but gave me great piece of mind. When I tried to cancel my Docomo phone contract over the phone, the company wouldn’t accept it, saying they would only do it in person. As it could take 1 hour, I had to take 1 hour of my time with my friends to do so. After Yudai finally came to Taijii’s house, we went to the Tonkatsu store, and ate lunch, which was rather cheap, before we went back to the dormitory where Taijii went through inspection again. Apparently he passed as he was going to pick up a form from the University for reducing his fees. Maru and Yudai were still busy cleaning their rooms, so I said my goodbyes and went with Taijii to the front office of Tokyo Metropolitan University. Giving my friend a hug goodbye, I then left and went to the Docomo store, where I waited for 40 minutes till someone was free and asked to cancel my contract. I wanted to cancel it tomorrow so I could use the phone to the last possible minute, but they wouldn’t allow it, so after cancelling it in store, I left the store and took the train to Shinjuku.

My plan for the night was to meet up with Kaen for a final dinner. After Kaen messaged me saying she would be a little late, I thought I would take advantage of the extra time and go to the hotel and place my heavy backpack in our room. When I left the train station and went to the hotel, I found out my parents were not in their room so I couldn’t go in. Sitting in the lobby, I thought I may as well download my e-ticket to my computer and place it on a SD Card so I could print it in the local convenience store. After that was done, I put away my computer, and walked to the convenience store, where I printed my ticket from my SD Card onto cardboard. I then walked to the train station where I met up with Kaen.

Walking around for a bit, we finally found a place where we both could eat dinner. After eating, and talking, as well as sharing some souvenirs we had both picked up, we left the restaurant and went to a park shrine in Shinjuku. There, the Sakuras were being lit up by lights, and as they were very beautiful, Kaen wanted me to see them. After getting a little loss, we finally found them and took some amazing pictures before Kaen said it was over. As it was still early in the night, I was a little sad, so I suggested we do some things before leaving. With Mario Kart and karaoke being through in the air, we walked around to find a place. Mario Kart was the first thing we found, as we found the arcade, and after playing 4 game, we left the arcade, and searched for a Karaoke store. On the way, we dropped into a store called GU (which is said Gee You, not Guu like I thought), and Kaen tried on some clothes before we left the store, and found a Karaoke place. As it was late, we only bought 30 minutes of time, and as soon as we entered the room, we started singing. I started to sing my old songs, while Kaen sung some nice Chinese songs. I really wanted to sing a Japanese song before I left, so I searched my phone for a song I could find on the machine. After I found Dango Daikazouku, I was so happy so I put it in as my last song. Singing the song with a lot of mistakes, it was the first Japanese song I really sung, and it impressed Kaen.

After leaving the Karaoke place, we went to the train station were I gave Kaen a goodbye hug, before waving goodbye. I then walked to the hotel, tried to call my parents so they could tell me which room they were in, before I went to their room and put away my stuff. My mom had already repacked the bags, and made things a little easy for me. I gave my mom some heavy hard drives to store and took a shower so I wouldn’t need to shower tomorrow morning as we had to wake up early. Finished, I went to my computer, uploaded the pictures from today, and sent a message to Kaen with a link to the song I sung.

After writing this post, I will check the status of my uploads, check my devices before going to bed.


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