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Last Day in Australia – Trip to Japan (Updated)

Today is my last day in Australia. On Thursday, my last day of work, my boss took me out to an expensive restaurant called “The Gala” run by Hans Lang. The place is not known for its large proportions, but man was the food there great. If you have a full course meal, the small proportions makes sense. If you … Continue reading

Last Week in Australia

I haven’t written much in a while, as not much has happened. I received my laptop computer from the United States that I ordered at the end of February. It is the Razer Blade. A cool, but expensive laptop. It has a multitouch screen as a mouse pad, and 10 keys that are miniscreens, meaning … Continue reading

Study Week Final

Study Date: 04/03/2012 This week would be my last study week, as my tutor, Amanda will be going to Japan on the 15th of March 2012. As she will be busy next week, she decided to give me the official old level 4 (new Level 5) JLPT Proficiency Test. Telling me this on the Sunday … Continue reading

Visa Received

Today I received my Visa from the Perth’s Japan General Consulate. After picking it up, I was suprised how beautiful it was. It had hologram protection and everything. I swear the Visa looks far better then the Australian Entry visa. I was granted a visa for 1 year, so if I choose to extend my … Continue reading

Break Week

Date: 28/02/2012 Due to a meeting at the Japanese Language Society, a Japanese Language Club currently running at Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley Campus, in which Amanda, my tutor is the president of, the study session for this week was cancelled. Instead, after work I went to the meeting and met up with the people … Continue reading

Study Week 9

Study Date: 21/02/2012 This week’s study lesson was a Grammar lesson instead of a Kanji lesson. Amanda thought correctly that I should review my basic grammar skills to see what I could remember. It alarmed me on how little I had remembered. As such, I have 27 grammar rules to memorise this week and the … Continue reading

Study Week 8

Study Date: 14/02/2012 This week’s Kanji lesson was done at my house as Amanda in preparation for her trip had sold the furniture at her house which included the wooden table we were working at. The lesson itself was also a little different as it was the last lesson in the pile of Kanji Amanda made, and … Continue reading

Study Week 7

Study Date: 08/02/2012 This week’s Kanji lesson had to be cut short as Amanda had to go to a family outing. Also, I wanted Amanda to check over my letter I wished to send to a friend in Japan that recently has stopped messaging and chatting with me for some reason. I have tried every … Continue reading

Study Week 6

Study Date: 31/01/2012 I had to wake up early to pick my father up from the airport today. For some reason, he didn’t take the airline back from the camp he took going to the camp, so after I found out there were no flights till 10.30am that day, I started to drive home. Half … Continue reading