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Japan Day 330

Today I woke up early because I planned to meet up with Junko-san and Seiji-san. After eating breakfast and packing my bag, I waited till the last possible moment for Taijii to get up and when he didn’t I left for Minami Osawa train station without him. Keeping my WiFi on just in case he … Continue reading

Japan Day 307

Today I woke up late as I had no plans for the day. After getting up and eating breakfast, Caleb called and asked if we should meet up. After getting ready for the outing, I then left for Minami Osawa train station where I rode the train to Ikebukuro where I met up with Caleb … Continue reading

Japan Day 304

Today I woke up late as I had a hard time getting to bed. Taijii came in at 10:00 am after his test to tell me that he planned to leave 11 am for the train station to meet up with Caleb. After he left I ate breakfast and then read a little before it … Continue reading

Japan Day 302

Today I was woken up early so I went to bed. After getting up super late, I went directly on Skype and got in contact with Caleb in case he was waiting. Luckily he didn’t wait so I woke up Taiji which said or plans for today were not possible. After confirming that with Caleb … Continue reading

Japan Day 282

Today I woke early as I had an appointment to chat with a friend. When I got up they weren’t on so I did a little reading and clean up of my tablets software as I installed a beta update on it to test out. After eating breakfast and seeing my friend come I chatted … Continue reading

Japan Day 280

Today I woke up early to get some last-minute study in before the test that was coming up in the early afternoon. After getting up I ate breakfast while watching some Two and a half men. After I finished breakfast I did study my Japanese notes I made for the test and continued to do … Continue reading

Japan Day 271

Today was a rather uneventful day. Getting up late, I don’t know how I slept in for so long or why I still felt sleepy. After getting up, I checked all my emails before I started to pack away, starting with the clothes and all my belongings. After I finished packing, I went down with … Continue reading

Japan Day 253

Today I woke up early as I planned to go on the trip to Mt Mitake. After I got up, I packed the last of my charging equipment for my stuff, before I ate breakfast. Taijii came into my room ready to go but as he had not gotten breakfast, I gave him half of … Continue reading

Japan Day 238

Today I got up early as I was awoken by a workforce busy working on the next door speaker system. I am not sure why, but the speaker system seams to be updated. As it was noisey, I sent a few messages and tried to watch something noisey, before I gave up when they didn’t … Continue reading

Japan Day 158

Today I woke up early as I went to sleep earlier. Once I got up and ate breakfast, I checked my email and read some articles before practicing my Japanese. After a friend surprisingly came online for a chat, we did so for a few hours till my headache got bad. I said my goodbyes … Continue reading