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Japan Day 306

Today I woke up early as I planned to meet up with Caleb at Mt Takao. After getting up however, I noticed it was snowing, which wasn’t the best mountain climbing condition. After trying to contact Caleb many times on his phone and by email, I got ready to go to tell him in person … Continue reading

Japan Day 290

Today I woke up very late as I spent most of the day sleeping. I tried to get up early in the day, but for some reason I felt extremely tired so I decided to stay inside as I had nothing planned anyway. When I finally got up, I ate lunch and did a little … Continue reading

Japan Day 222

Today I woke up late sleeping in after chatting with Caleb at night. After getting up, I ate a small breakfast and went to Minami Osawa shopping district, where I bought food and drink supplies, before I went home and ate lunch. After eating lunch, I did my homework and watch a little Battlestar Galactica before … Continue reading

Japan Day 184

Today I woke up several times before I had to wake up properly. After waking up, I went to the lunch area to talk with my tutor Icy. There, we discussed what we did during summer vacation; signed some forms and she assisted me with some homework. After we left, I went to class, which … Continue reading

Japan Day 10

Today was another average day. Waking up rather late as I had the free day, I logged my computer in and went on the internet. After chatting to a few friends back home for a few hours, I then went off my computer and went to the convenience store and bought lunch, dinner and breakfast … Continue reading